Computer Hardware (Chip Level)

We check each component including peripheral components, standards functions, pc assembly, post assembly, tests & adjustments, Operating system & Application Software. Installation, uninstallation, section by section, fault analysis, rectification and failure trends.

Laptop Repair (Chip Level)

Please mind that we take considerable time to give proper estimates as we are thoroughly checking each components and not just replaces the parts. Since it’s time consuming matter only few electronic repair institutes will conduct such evaluation.

Computer Networking (Copper & Fibre, WiFi)

We have expertise the filed of Network installation and we are fully equipped with latest equipment for a network installations. We follows the world leading standards with few popular brands.

Electronics (Consumer | Industrial |Medical)

We are well experienced of industrial equipment such as automated machines, bomb detects, all kind of scanners, x-rays etc.

With cutting edge diagnostic tools and a state of the art in-house laboratory, we specialise in component level repairs of all types of electronic circuit boards & electrical parts.

Semiconductors (import)

CCTV installation and Repairs

We do have dealership of almost all popular Cameras, DVR and accessories. We conduct installation for industrial, home and office experiments.